Prophet Viewer for NinjaTrader

Prophet Viewer for NinjaTrader allows traders to easily test their variables – their “edges” to determine quickly if their trading models have statistical significance…that is to say, and expectancy of winning money over time. Prophet Viewer allows traders with little to no programming experience to back test theories that once took days or weeks to analyze – in minutes or days – without the assistance of expensive “by the hour” strategy or indicator developers.

Prophet Viewer is what gold miners would refer to as a “test drill” sample of your methodology. Before you commit the funds of your account to your trading system – Prophet Viewer shows you instantly how profitable your model will most likely be – without ever risking a dollar in the market.


  • Prophet viewer recognizes any chart marker produced by an existing Ninja Indicator.
  • Prophet viewer recognizes any chart marker drawn by the trader on an existing chart
  • Drawing an arrow, or triangle by hand tells Prophet Viewer where to test entries
  • Drawing an arrow or triangle above or below the candle tells the software to test from “close” of candle
  • Drawing an arrow or triangle in the body of the candle tells the software to test from the tip of the marker.
  • Prophet Viewer allows users to test multiple trading targets
  • Users can choose fixed values of stops and targets
  • Users can draw square chart markers at different locations to use as reference targets for each tested trade

Once the model has been tested, instantly view:

  • profitability
  • Gross profit and loss
  • Profit factor
  • Max drawdown
  • Total number of trades
  • Average win and loss
  • Number of trades per day
  • Time in market
  • Profit per month
  • Highest and lowest cumulative
  • Consecutive wins/losses
  • Kelly Ratio
  • Expectancy
  • Longs vs. shorts analyses

More Information

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